Happy Birthday Wikipedia

Happy birthday, Wikipedia!  The world has changed a lot since 2001, and Wikipedia has been along for the ride.  The open source software that powers Wikipedia, MediaWiki, is used for a large number of wikis around the globe.  In fact, Hollow Developers has utilized MediaWiki for over 5 years at The World Called Hollow.  Hollow’s community wiki contains extensive documentation about the world, and has been carefully crafted by the players of the game.

A wiki provides a great way for many people to collaborate on the same document.  Companies are increasingly looking to wikis to provide support for employees, and MediaWiki is a great tool to accomplish this goal.

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Steven Michaels

Steven Michaels specializes in PHP web applications utilizing MediaWiki, WordPress, Yii Framework and others. He is an open source contributor and leads development for both of Hollow Developers' internal projects, HollowGame and SpeechEase.

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