State of the Union

Technology had some hefty mentions in tonight’s State of the Union. While vague about the details of improving the nation’s technological infrastructure, President Obama did show commitment to investing in the future. The United States has slipped in high speed internet availability, and this must be rectified for continued innovation.

One glaring omission was any mention of “net neutrality”. Recently, the FCC laid out their rules for enforcing neutrality on landlines, but allowed wireless carriers to prioritize and delay traffic at their discretion.  As a small technology company, we want to make sure that the big players in the industry can’t overshadow the small companies.  With the current rules, big players may get preferential treatment.  Innovation comes from both big and small companies, and allowing all companies to have the same guidelines for network traffic will ensure that this continues.

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Steven Michaels

Steven Michaels specializes in PHP web applications utilizing MediaWiki, WordPress, Yii Framework and others. He is an open source contributor and leads development for both of Hollow Developers' internal projects, HollowGame and SpeechEase.

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