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So it’s been a week since I signed up for Google+.  (Profile link)  So far, so good.  But, it’s still early in the service’s evolution, and I have a few thoughts:

  • It’s a ghost town among non-techies.  As much as I love the tech community, many of my close friends and acquaintances are not in that community.  Once invites start to make it to the general public, it will be interesting how the community evolves.
  • Photo sharing doesn’t seem to be as intuitive as it could be.
  • In your news stream, posts that were recently commented on get moved back up to the top (at least that was the case a few days ago).  Adding an option that would allow you to sort based on post time or last comment time would be helpful.
  • No threaded conversations – insanely annoying for posts that generate a lot of traffic, as is the case with the most prolific Plus users right now.
  • I could see how the email generated by the service could get spammy very quickly with the default settings.

On the plus side:

  • It’s a ghost town among non-techies.  (Yes, a pro and a con.)  I get to start my social network over again.  Facebook filled up quickly with a lot of acquaintances and people that I only met once.
  • It’s easy to group people into circles.  As easy as it could have been with Facebook, they didn’t capitalize on this feature, and adding people to lists is more difficult than circles.
  • No ads – yet.  I’m glad that Google+ isn’t bombarding me with workout and protein powder ads – yet.  I know that this is the ultimate focus of Google, and that we’ll probably start seeing more relevant ads throughout the internet on AdSense, but advertisements on Facebook can be creepy.  I’m not sure how that will change as Google gets to learn more about me and my friends.
I’m excited to continue using Google+, and ultimately writing a ‘One Year in Google+’ post.
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Steven Michaels

Steven Michaels specializes in PHP web applications utilizing MediaWiki, WordPress, Yii Framework and others. He is an open source contributor and leads development for both of Hollow Developers' internal projects, HollowGame and SpeechEase.

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