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Philadelphia Cream Cheese – I love it – but I also like their new online marketing campaign.  It is titled ‘Pheel the Moment‘, and is one of the most creative use of Facebook that I have seen in a marketing campaign to date.

Login to the page via Facebook, and the app scans your photo albums to create a custom Flash presentation about different ‘moments’ that the algorithm determines might be important to you.  I was amazed at how accurate it was for me – granted, I don’t post much to Facebook, so when I do, it’s fairly memorable.

From an online marketing strategy standpoint, this campaign has the potential to be really effective – the fact that I’m sharing this with an audience with nothing in it for me is illustrative of this.  I don’t like spamming my friends with marketing, so I didn’t share, but I can see how a lot of people would.  Stepping back and approaching this from an advertiser’s perspective, there are a few pros and cons about this particular campaign.


  • Highly Personalized – my own photos are being used to create the presentation, so it’s memorable
  • Easy to Share – A simple ‘share’ button allows for instant sharing to a customer’s friends
  • Yummy – The product is already delicious, so that helps


  • Privacy issues – this follows most Facebook campaigns, but using a customer’s personal photos could seem to be even more invasive than normal
  • Bad memories – depending on how the algorithm picks the photos, perhaps the selected photos aren’t associated with good memories

What do you think?  Creative use of Facebook to make advertising relevant and memorable, or creepy use?

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Steven Michaels

Steven Michaels specializes in PHP web applications utilizing MediaWiki, WordPress, Yii Framework and others. He is an open source contributor and leads development for both of Hollow Developers' internal projects, HollowGame and SpeechEase.

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